Thursday, 11 April 2013

Plasticine ball boy!

A few years ago I made a nice plasticine shader/scene with 3dsmax and the Brazil renderer. 

  Red Ball Boy from Matt Chandler on Vimeo.

Brazil died a while ago now and although i sometimes still use my old home license for some stuff - I use Vray most of the time these days.

Ive had alot of requests for the scene or a vray version of it over the past few years too - most recently from a Swedish student who is doing some sort of thesis involving stopmotion and how the plasticine look can be recreated with CGI.

Ive rebuilt the scene and recreated the shader with vray.  The image below has the raw render on the left and a slightly adjusted/colour corrected version on the right.  Its not exactly the same - mainly as the vray sss shader behaves rather differently than the Brazil SSS options - but its pretty close.
You could also try using the older SSS vray shader rather than the SSS2 version for some different results.

You can download the scene file too that should work with 3dsmax2010 and upwards. 

Let me know if you make something cool with it.


  1. Thanks a lot, i was actually just going through your old posts and found this one with the ball. I thought you had forgotten about this.
    I have a CG exercise where i want to use a plasticine look so this will be really helpful.
    Thanks again.

  2. This looks great! Very nice material set-up