Saturday, 24 November 2012

GIANT fluid simulations at GIANT resolution!

Earlier in the year I was wrestling with Realflow to get some art-directed, continuous fluid simulations rendered at 8K out for the guys at Universal Everything.
There were a number of films designed to play at a huge size and the rest of the team at ANALOG sorted those while i sorted the fluids.  There were 3 sims in all - two i rendered with Krakatoa and the third one was made of millions of individual balls/spheres and rendered with Vray.
The shading is speed via velocity.

It was a huge challenge to maintain control of the fluids throughout each sequence and maintain the energy and dynamism the designers required. I used the SPH fluids only and would run low resolution versions to get the timings and daemon/collision animation right. The final simulations often took up to 2-3 days with millions of particles to hold up at 8k rendering!

You can have a look at the ANALOG website for more info and ive posted some full resolution frame crops and sequence frames here on the blog. Head over to Universal Everything if you want to see more of what those guys get up to.

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