Friday, 8 June 2012

EUE 2012 watch ident talk

As with the Swarm making of presentation i recently did at the End user event in Utrech, i shall also be posting up the making of the WATCH idents due to many requests from those who attended and those who couldnt make it to Utrecht this year.

Again - i will be re-recording the audio, as the live recording didnt come out too well and theres over an hour of material.
This talk was a little more dense and technical than the Swarm presentation - focusing on the Smoke and Fluid idents and the huge amount of storage that was used up with the simulations. I go over transfering velocity information from particles to mesh surfaces using the krakatoa KCM tree and how colour ramps/gradients could be tweaked on the particle caches after 18-36 hour partition baking.

Creative agency DixonBaxi, who commisioned us to create the idents, are soon attending Promax LA to talk about the creation of the idents.

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  1. Can't wait Matt - I am also doing a similar ident for my own personal brand...figured out some of what you did, but hearing the explanations will really reinforce the learning. Thanks!