Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pocket Anamorphic

A couple years back i managed to get hold of a couple 16mm anamorphic projection lenses off Ebay. You can still find them on there - but now that EVERYONE wants to strap one to the front of their DSLR - ebay sellers have gotten smart....well...greedy.....and the prices are often rather insane. I got hold of a Sankor 16c and a Kowa for about $60 each. Now they are often starting at $500 or more! But i digress....

So recently ive found some spare time again and realised that these things also fit rather well to the front of my old Sanyo Xacti 1010. The Xacti range is probably (in my opinion) one of the most under-rated consumer, HD camera ranges - with a pretty decent sensor size and on the later Xacti 2000 model...FULL HD 60p! Ok...its compressed at a crappy 24mbps - but the image quality was still pretty awesome. I went to Japan a while ago and wondered about with one - those videos can be seen here and here

So ive stepped back from the DSLR for a while and put the anamorphics on the front of the Xacti via a step-up ring (ebay) and a lens clamp (ebay). Even with the Sankor clamped of the front - its still pretty much a pocket sized camera....but with anamorphic scope and those tasty little lens flares pop up from time to time.
Definitely the lightest and literally pocket-able 'run and gun' rig Ive played with for a while.

Xacti 1010 = £200
Sankor anamorphic lens = £80
stepup rings/adapter = £20

A fun setup for not much overhead. Of course - the results on a DSLR are superior in countless ways, but i just wanted a pocket setup solution.
Heres some pics and stills from some rather boring footage in the kitchen.


  1. nice set ! Did you see mine ? :)

  2. Awesome idea . Do you have any video you have shot with this rig ?
    Can a 35mm anamorphic work as well ? Please post some vids . . .

    I wish Panasonic would bring this back as a pro cam . Imagine a micro 4/3rd Pistol Grip with a Magnesium Alloy Body :D . Ahhh I can dream cant I .