Sunday, 19 February 2012

Leon Kowalski

Leon Kowalski. If you dont know who that is and you consider yourself a scifi fan, you should probably go sit down and watch your scifi collection again.
Blade Runner was a seminal movie in my life - having first seen it at around the age of 12 or 13 when I was watching SKY tv at someone elses house. We never had SKY at home and i still dont have it actually. Hundreds of channels of crap.
For months afterwards I was drawing and painting cityscapes with flying vehicles and started to become obsessed with models and minature FX. Of course I eventually went to University and became a Modelmaker - making props and minatures before I started to realise I could make stuff in computers AND do the camera AND do the lights AND not inhale paint fumes or MDF dust!

Following that epic and arguably unrivaled opening sequence in BladeRunner was the introduction of Leon Kowalski and his parental troubles....
Perhaps for me one of the most tense opening sequences in film, Brion James plays the mysterious and dangerous Leon - framed and lit via the awesome collabortion of Jordan Cronenweth and Ridley Scott.
A favorite film character of mine, I have begun a challenging character project of sorts that Im hoping to utilise alot of my tools and new processes on - creating Leon Kowalski.
I managed to get hold of a makeup/production casting of the actor Brion James which had some excellent surface details and mould quality.
Im also using a combination of Photoscan and some home laser scanning (courtesy of the excellent and versitle DAVIDscan) to build a digital double/version of Leon.