Saturday, 30 July 2011


Not since Machinarium have i seen or played a game with such rich visuals, playability and rich soundtrack (courtesy of Solar Fields). Im really enjoying the emergence of small games like these that explore what many would consider to be an older form of game play.
Games like this put the fun back into playing games....not the need for the latest hardware, lighting reflexes and an itchy trigger finger.

Capsized is a wonderful game. Now il get even less work done.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Realflow 2012

Damn it.
Im just getting to a somewhat expert level at using Realflow 5 and another damned update is released.

But its ok - its a worthy one.

RealFlow 2012 (no, Autodesk hasnt bought it) has just been released and its been further enhanced to make large scale fluid sims...well....larger! More control over particles per voxel rather than resolution dependency and even a direct to Krakatoa PRT exporter! Foam and splash has been further refined for even more detail and control.

O2 commercial

Another commercial recently completed at Analog Pixel Studio.
Pretty basic, standard visual effects for this one - involving full phone/handset replacement, shading, lighting and the objects coming out of the phones of course.

More time was spent painting out the terrible weather from the shoot and even stabilising the pizza topping (which was blowing around in the wind) than the 3D - and compositor Alex Webb dived fearlessly into one of the most challenging and ridiculous paint/repair jobs Ive come across to date.....wires, things hanging from the wires....the wires actually being pointless....all moving in and out of focus, with heavy motion blur, occluding objects and people walking in and out of frame.
Pizza is always a saviour in such scenarios.

Friday, 22 July 2011

The stuff of sci-fi films

An unrelated visual effects posting for once - the last ever Space Shuttle mission came to and end recently of course - and it was also the most heavily documented and observed.

As a result - some of the most stunning, breathtaking and tear generating footage i have ever seen was captured of its launch and flight into space....there was even a camera attached to one of the booster rockets, filming all the way down to its ocean splash down. 11.55 mins in - that shuttle seperation shot is awe-inspiring.

Amazing. Absoutely amazing.