Friday, 22 April 2011

Ice shader

I worked up a reasonable ice shader/model for 3 secs of air time on the Nike Lunar project. Alot of the 3D details created for visual fx are only glimpsed for a few seconds or even frames in the end, but that detail still needs to be there to sell the illusion/effect. Here are some development stills i found on my desktop.


  1. Quite nice - why don't you give a shot to some of the Stanford 3d scans with this shader, out of curiosity?

  2. the bunnys? i just always thought that stuff was kinda boring. alright - il go find the bunny

  3. I was thinking more at the dragons, but maybe nowadays you got only bunnys in your mind :D

  4. Hi Matt,
    These ice cubes are really amazing, they look real. Could you give me information about how you did it? My ice cubes are way too much did you get a sharp contour and at the same time looking still frosted?