Sunday, 14 March 2010

Julian Rowe's artwork

Its Sunday, im rendering god knows what here at work - so its time to tout the paintings of my good friend (and technically step father) Julian Rowe.
Julian quit his long term job as a graphic designer last summer to pursue his passion of
generous impasto style, textured oil paintings full time. I hear the house stinks of oils and spirits, but he likes it that way. He is currently a featured/resident artist at the artspace gallery in St Ives, Cornwall - the place of my birth and upbringing. CORNWALL!!! Not much down there...but it sure is pretty and a great place to visit. I need to get back down there some time and get some surfing in.

A quick word of thanks to Julian aswell, as i probably wouldnt be in the art/creative business at all if it wasnt for him letting me mess around with his paints while i was growing up. I might of ended up down the bus shelter drinking cider like all the other kids.

Head on over to his website which is hotlinked below along with gallery.
Why not drop him a mail or purchase a beautiful original and unique piece of art.

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