Monday, 8 March 2010

Fat Head

A couple years ago, i remember starting to make a clay/mud man for some project or shot idea i had which was doomed to never be completed or followed through.
I favor the Brazil RS most of the time but began to mess around with MetalRay again after seeing a nice material posting/test render on Jeff Pattons Blog. Recently i noticed 3D artist, sculpter and zbrush guru Ryan Kingslien had referenced this same blog posting and done a great job of recreating the shader in Maya with one of his figure study sculpts. So i dug out my old renders and decided to post them up. I often use Softimage at work, as well as 3DSmax, but I am convinced that MR is Softimage is now truely broken at its i have been unable to recreate/rebuild such a surface inside Softimage that even remotely looks as good as the Max/Maya one. Im not one to give up though and im determined to make it work....and ill post it up here aswell if it ever does.

Renders from 2008 with MR material with 3DSmax. Jeff gives away a lovely tileable fingerprint texture on his blog aswell - but have some fun and make your own! It makes the whole process even more fun.....though it took me a week to get the ink off my fingers....

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  1. Hi Matt,
    I have read through most of your blogs and finally ends up in here. I am really excited to see such a realistic plasticine material in the end! tbh, i have been tried to create this for many days but still cannot get a realistic result...And it turns out that after clicking on the link above(Jeff's Blog), it turns out to be an error every time.. Really wants to know the process of creating such a brilliant shader,so is there any other way that i could find the origin post from Jeff ? Or could you please give me some hint of making this shaders in maya? That would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!