Tuesday, 9 March 2010

3DSMax 2011 announced

Some nice features finally added - particularly the node based material tree (previoulsy available but as a third party plugin), Toxik compositing and further Open EXR support/additions.
Its nice to see CAT finally intergrated as standard, though i would still question the sanity of an animator to rig and animate fully in 3dsmax.....though maybe now it will be less painful.
Theres a good rigger/animator here at Jellyfish named Antony Magdalinidis who can do some nice rigs in Softimage and 3DSMax - heres a link to his stuff on Vimeo:


The Quicksilver hardware renderer also looks useful - though im not sure just how much. Perhaps good for environmental, point based effects or sprites/particles. If i can do a fast hardware render of a Pflow snow flurry, with camera multimotion blur and DOF enabled - im gonna be happy :)


Maya 2011 has been announced aswell - as has Softimage.....my friend and enemy.....though Softimage is the one currently lacking any images or in depth details as to exactly what has been improved and/or updated.

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